Wales Rails - Railway Photography by Mark Thomas

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. Some of you may well have visited my previous home of photos formerly found at


The demise of the hosting company Fotopic in 2011 saw the previous site become inaccessible overnight and for a time I had no images online and effectively had to start again. This is my new site (hosted by the up and coming SmugMug) and is now my long-term replacement site.

It is the intention of this gallery to represent how much of interest there still is to see on the UK rail network and in particular in south Wales. I hope that this site can act as a record of the rail scene in the UK and the constant changes that occur as well as a useful reference library for all things rail related.


The site will feature images from all parts of the UK and Europe as well as the many preserved railways of the UK.I am delving through all of my photos of the last ten years and will also be updating the site as often as I can to add new images.


A lifetime interest in railways and in recent years the photography aspect of the hobby means that new images show no signs of abating!  I am taking this opportunity to 'refresh' all images in photoshop in the process so completing the upload of the digital archive will take some time. So far I have fully edited and published images from 2004 through to 2007 to the site and am currently working on 2008 images.


Eventually, I plan to scan my non-digital images preceding 2004 which are plentiful in volume and have not been published before. However, at present this particular aspect remains a long-term project.A lot of the rarer photographs on this site have quite often only been possible due to advance information and a big thanks is due to all gen providers. The information is invaluable and without it the vast majority of this gallery would not be here.


Please note that all images that have been taken on railway property have been taken with the appropriate permission. Please do not trespass on the railway. Feedback and comments are much appreciated so please leave some if you have the time. You can do this by leaving comments on individual photographs (which requires login to SmugMug or Facebook), or by visiting the Feedback and Comments section.


I hope that this site proves an interesting and useful view for enthusiasts and random passers by alike! Please feel free to browse for as long as you like and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Best regards, Mark

If you would like to use any of my photos for any reason then please do not hesitate to let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Many images have been published in the past including the cover of Rail Express magazine and the Freightmaster Loco Review series.


Almost all images are available for commercial use. An increasing number of images on this site are becoming available to purchase through the site both for personal and commercial use. Publishers are advised to contact me directly if an image is required however commercial licences are available to purchase through the site shop should this be required.


All images are © Copyright Mark Thomas 2003-2017 as watermarked. If reproduction occurs in any form where consent has not been sought then measures can be taken against the individual, which includes taking legal action. A charge of £250.00 sterling will be invoiced for each photograph used without consent.

My current camera is (as of March 2012) a Canon EOS550D and the lenses I use are a 55mm Canon lens, an 80mm Canon lens and a 200mm Sigma lens. All images are given the once over editing wise using Photoshop CS5 64-bit and are resized to suit the web. All of my images are available as high-resolution images and without the copyright symbol.

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